The Factory



«Scene: Trees right in front, a factory in the distance, barred by a fence with a sign, labeled "KEEP OUT"»

Totengeld Factory. Primary manufacturing location of Totengeld Industries.

«Change scene to inside the factory, a conveyor belt of barrels»

Day after day, hundreds of workers toiled within the factory's walls…

«Change scene to back outside the factory, the sky gets darker from the excess smoke from the factory»

…as it spewed its black smoke into the air…

<The trees droop slightly.>

…and its chemical waste began to seep into the ground, poisoning the surrounding land.

<Scene fades>

<Scene: the arrest of the CEO, handcuffs over him>

Eventually this malignant disregard for the land led to the arrest of the company's CEO, Carl Totengeld, and the factory was shut down.

«Metal doors close, the factory is shut down. Slowly, vines and brush cover the doors.»

Slowly, the area began to recover, the plants and animals began to thrive again…

«The plants grow thicker, and the doors are completely out of sight.»

And eventually the factory was forgotten.

«Scene fades»


«Scene: CEO Totengeld, a Horc, and a Sneevil, all dressed in casual business clothes.»

Totengeld: Finally! After so many years locked away, once again I am free!

Sneevil Minion: We've been trying to get the factory cleared out for you, sir. The local wildlife had really taken over!

Horc Minion: But how are we gonna keep em from shuttin' us down again?

«Totengeld lifts his head up.»

Totengeld: Don't worry, I have a plan.

«Scene fades»

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