The Enemy of my Enemy


«Scene: Hero Talk with Constantin»

Constantin: Load Balax'el has retreated, but we did not kill him. He'll be back.
Constantin: …and his Infernal army continues to pour into Lycan Ridge. We must evacuate!
Constantin: But there's no way we can get through this wall of Celestial fire! Our escape route is cut off!

Hero: I guess we'll have to evacuate the other way, then.

Constantin: One-shape, that is a poor attempt at a joke.
Constantin: The only other way out of Lycan Ridge leads straight into the Vampire Queen's castle.

Hero: Look like it's time for a truce, then.

Constantin: I told you I would never ally myself with evil, unnatural beings. I meant that.

Hero: Look, no one is going to win if you all stay here and die.
Hero: You can go back to hating each other after we get everyone out of Darkovia.

«Scene: Vampires Vs Lycans»

Lady Solani: Hero! You've brought the Lycans here?!

Orlok: These beasts attack us, now, while we are under this onslaught? I will destroy them!

Constantin: We have not come to fight. We only wish to escape these Infernals.
Constantin: We had planned to go throught the passage on the far side of Lycan Ridge, but…

Hero: It's no good. Infernal and Celestial fire are spilling out the back exit.

Lady Solani: That's …unfortunate. We were actually headed to Lycan Ridge to evacuate throught that passage, ourselves.

Hero: You can't leave throught the forest?

Lady Solani: No - we've already tried. The path to the graveyard is cut off.

Constantin: Then this is where we make our stand.

Lady Solani: …There might be another way. Follow me.

«Scene fades»

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