The End of Extriki


«Brentan and the Hero stand atop the Guardian Tower»

Brentan: Did… did that really work?!

Near the base of the Guardian Tower…

«Screen pans down to reveal Warlic, Brentan, the Hero, and Victoria looking down at the defeated Extriki from the top of the Guardian Tower»

«Screen changes to the Hero standing next to Robina»

Hero: Whoa.

«Extriki's body vanishes, leaving behind three smaller monsters»

«Screen changes to Victoria, the Hero, Warlic, and Brentan standing together»

Brentan: Eugh… gross.

«Screen changes to a view of the Queen of Monsters»

Deep within her castle, the Queen of All Monsters felt Extriki fade, and then vanish from the world.

Queen of Monsters: No…

«Screen changes to a view of the Queen's castle from the outside. It is raining.»

Reeling from the loss of her beloved child, her anguished cries echoed across all of Lore.

«Screen shakes and rocks fall from the sky»

«Screen changes to Victoria, the Hero, Warlic, and Brentan once again»

Hero: Well… looks like we've got her attention now.

Warlic: I'm sure she'll come for us soon enough.
Warlic: But for now… let's be satisfied we've stopped this current threat.

Brentan: You can be satisfied if you want to. I'm going to be on the lookout for the next one. We have to stay vigilant!

Victoria: For once, Brentan, I agree with you. This won't be the last strike…
Victoria: …and we don't have another Heart of the Glade.

«Screen fades»

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