The End... and Beginning


«Necropolis trembling, sinking»

Hero: This… might…. not have been my greatest idea.

Sally: WHAT… HAVE…

Hero: Well, going up was not clearly working out for me…
Hero: So I brought you, and the entire Necropolis down to me!

Artix: Wow! Good job. You really took "Bringing the Necropolis down" literally.

Hero: Artix… you're alive!? Are you alright?

Artix: Doing fine! Just a few… dozen broken bones. How about you?

Hero: Doing great! WE JUST WON!

Hero (thinking): Completing DoomWood Part 2 in ONLY 2 weeks? AWWW YEAH BONUS XP!

Sally: Um….. why exactly do you think you "won?"

Artix: Well, I destroyed the Necropolis's power source and stopped you from re-creating Vordred.

Sally: Tee hee. Well, you would have stopped me, but…
Sally: Chaos VORDRED is already complete!

«Vordred comes in»

Vordred: MORE!!!! SKULLS!!!!!!!

Artix: !!! Hero: !!!

Sally: Teee…hahahaha! Introducing the new and improved VORDRED!
Sally: I rebuilt him. Bigger. Over 9001% stronger. Fused with - CHAOS!

Artix: !!!!! Hero: !!!!!
Artix: Is this as bad as it looks?

«Sally pulls out Noxus staff»

Noxus: HA HA HA! YES! Oh yes it is!

Artix: NOXUS!? Hero: NOXUS!?

Noxus: Last time, the two of you working together barely defeated the old Vordred.
Noxus: You are no match this time. Especially not… haha, now…
Noxus: We are going to use Chaos VORDRED to finish what we started!
Noxus: Too bad neither of you will be here to watch Vordred wipe the living from this world!

Hero: Noxus! If you are here, where is Gravelyn!?

Sally: HA HA HA HA HA! Noxus: HA HA HA HA HA!

«Vordred takes out Gravelyn»

Vordred: MORE SKULLS???

Gravelyn: How dare you! You will pay dearly for this!

Noxus: I think not, my little… former… Empress.
Noxus: I've told you countless times. You are kind, weak and unfit to rule the ShadowScythe.
Noxus: Did you really think the villians of this world would follow the rule of some pretty little girl wearing her daddy's scary armor?

Gravelyn: NOXUS! You insolent fool. When I get free, I am going to….

Noxus: SILENCE! You are not even a shadow of your Father's greatness.
Noxus: Now… pardon us, we have the entire world to wipe out.
Noxus: VORDRED, kill them all. Start with the Hero.

Vordred: MORE SKULLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Artix: You have a plan, right?

Hero: I was really hoping you did.

Artix: We could drag ourselves by our teeth over there and bite him.

Hero: It was good adventuring with you, buddy.

Artix: Likewise my friend.

«Vordred begins casting a spell»

Sally: HA HA HA HA HA! Noxus: HA HA HA HA HA!

Gravelyn: This is bad… really bad. Is Noxus right? Am I not strong enough to lead? Ugh! What would my Father do if he was still here?

Noxus: Did you have any famous last words, Gravelyn?

Gravelyn: I wish… my Father was here.

«The tomb flashes»

Tomb: …granted.





«Sepulchure appears in the room»

Gravelyn: Father…?

Artix: Sepulchure!?

Hero: Sepulchure!?

Sally: Impossible!

Noxus: Can this be? My… my lord… Sepulchure.

Hero: How is it possible this situation actually got WORSE!?

Noxus: Long UnLive the ShadowScythe!!!

Vordred: NOOOO. MORE SKULLS!!!!!

Noxus: No! Vordred… Sally… kneel. Quickly!

«Vordred attacks Sepulchure, Sepulchure resists the attack»

Noxus: Vordred!!!! Nooooo! Stand down!

Vordred: MORE…

Sepulchure: SKULLS?

«Sepulchure attacks Vordred, defeating him»

Sally: How…? Vordred… is… unkillable?

«Sepulchure attacks Sally, defeating her»

Hero: Did Sepulchure just defeat Chaos Vordred with a single attack!?

Noxus: Lord Sepulchure, forgive us. We are yours to command.

Gravelyn: WAIT!
Gravelyn: That is NOT my real Father…

Noxus: Huh?

Sally: Huh?

Hero: Huh?

Artix: Huh?

Sally: How could she tell?

Artix: She *is* Sepulchure's daughter. She would be able to tell.

Gravelyn: I said "I wish my Father was here." This *thing* looks like my father, but it *isn't* him.

Tomb: Sepulchure was completely destroyed by Drakath. There is no coming back from that.
Tomb: Your wish is not within my power to *fully* grant…

«To Drakath, in his throne»

Drakath: HA… No, nobody has the power to grand that wish…
Drakath: BUT I *DO!*

«Drakath releases a red spirit orb»

Mysterious Voice: Drakath, isn't it a bit early in the morning to abuse your power and unravel time and reality?##

Drakath: Is this not what you taught me? To surrender what remains of my selfish human will to THE CHAOS?

Mysterious Voice: It's always fun to learn from mistakes Drakath… how will this world be, never having had you?

«Back to under Sepulchure's vault»

Tomb: It seems I was mistaken. Your request is now within my power. Granted…

Noxus: !!!

Gravelyn: !!!

Artix: !?!?!?

Sally: WHAT?!

Hero: WHAT?! What's about to happen?!

WHAT IF… Drakath had never interfered with the battle between King Alteon and Sepulchure at the very beginning of the game?

DoomWood is over. Next week begins…

AdventureQuest Worlds Zombie

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«Scene fades»

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