The End?


«Scene: Shurpu»

Hero: Ready, Warlic?

«Warlic holds the Ring of Shurpu»


Andesi: Give me back my mother!

«Xan appears»

Xan: Is that a little mole knocking at my door?

Warlic: I’m sorry, Xan. You have this boy’s mother. You’ve left me no choice.

«Xan brings Scoria»

Xan: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Wouldn’t want to hurt the invitation. Would you?

Hero: Don’t be stupid, Xan. This can only end one way.
Hero: Warlic is wearing the Ring of Shurpu. It has increased his fire magic by 1000 times!
Hero: Scoria will never be your apprentice.

Xan: Of course not. I do not want or need an apprentice.
Xan: I only want the ring.

Warlic: WHAT?!
Andesi: WHAT?!
Hero: WHAT?!

Xan: I left you in town with a trap. A mewling calf, crying for his mother. A mother that YOU lost.
Xan: You had no choice but to come and get her. I played you like a fiddle!
Xan: I left you enough clues to get the ring for me, and now…

«Xan holds Scoria from her neck above the lava»

Xan: …Give me the ring or the boy becomes an orphan!

«Andesi tries to save his mother»

Hero: No, Andesi….

Andesi: But, <Hero>! My mother…

Hero: You can’t risk it. He’s insane enough to drop her for ANY reason.
Hero: You can’t afford to risk it.

«Hero looks at Warlic»

Hero: Give Xan the ring.

Warlic: You can’t be SERIOUS! This ring will…

Hero: I know what it will do but… we have no choice.

Warlic: I can’t. I’m sorry Andesi but I can’t trade the life of one woman to allow Xan to amplify his powers a thousand times.

Andesi: You HAVE TO! SHE’S MY MOM!

Hero: Warlic… You can’t trade a single life to a creature like Xan without becoming more like him.

Xan: <Hero> is right, Warlic. You can’t become me. GIVE ME THE RING!

Warlic: You’re right. We’ll just have a way to defeat him when he’s a thousand times stronger.

«Warlic throws the ring at Xan»

«Xan throws Scoria at Andesi»

«Andesi catches Scoria»

Andesi: MOM! I’m so sorry!

Scoria: My brave boy! I’m so proud of you.
Scoria: You made the right decision and saved a lot of people.
Scoria: I never doubted that you would come for me.

Andesi: I love you, mom.

Xan: First, a little insurance.
Xan: Just a little spell to make it impossible for you or Warlic to remove the ring from my hand under any circumstance.
Xan: And now…

Hero: There, you’ve go the ring. Now we’ll be going.

Xan: No, I think I’ll cook you.


Xan: Yes, the woman for the treasure. The deal has been satisfied.
Xan: Now you DIE!

«Xan tries to shoot a fire ball, but it did not work»

Xan: WHAT?!

Hero: Oh, that’s my fault.
Hero: You see, I had a feeling that we were being set up…

«Hero’s flashback»

Once we got the ring, I took a quick tip to Escherion’s Tower.
I gave the ring a small dose of Escherion’s Inversion Chaos Magic.
So instead of INCREASING your fire magic a thousand times…

Xan: … It’s REDUCED my fire magic a thousand times.
Xan: FINE! I don’t need the ring to finish you!

« Xan tries to remove the ring»


Warlic: Actually, you did that one.

Hero: Remember the charm you added so that neither Warlic or I could remove the ring?
Hero: The inversion magic flipped it.

Xan: So you’re saying…

Hero: ONLY Warlic or I can remove that ring from your hand.

Xan: NO!!
Xan: You… cheated!

Hero: Have fun with that.

Warlic: Farewell, Xan. We have a town to rebuild.

Xan: Nooo. Please… NOOOO!!!

«Scene fades»

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