The Elemental Mana Cannon



Hero: Zereldo! I see a ship by the shore. Is it Blazebeard's?

Zereldo: Yes, yes it is.
Zereldo: Before we fire the cannon I need one more thing from you.

Hero: You haven't been hiding some huge task I still need to do?
Hero: … Have you?

Zereldo: No it's a small task.
Zereldo: I was just… uh… afraid to ask.

Hero: Oh… What is it?

Zereldo: Can you charge the elementium cannon ball with fire energy for me?

Hero: Sure I can, but why can't you do it? You discovered elementium and how to use it. Surely you're the expert?

Zereldo: Uh… awkwardly enough… I sort of… can't cast elemental spells…

Hero: You're a pirate-MAGE who has no ship…

Zereldo: Actually I have one now! You know… the one we are standing on.

Hero: Point taken…
Hero: But you can't cast elemental spells? This raises even more questions. What kind of pirate-mage, or even mage for that matter, can't cast elemental spells?

Zereldo: Look I promise I'll answer all of your questions ONCE we defeat Blazebeard. Just charge up the cannon ball and we'll be done here.

Hero: First. It's not like we have a choice anyway.

Zereldo: Blazebeard's mana cannon is gone. We can rest easy. Good job everyone.

Voice from crow's nest: Captain Zereldo! I've spotter Blazebeard and some of his crew on the shore. They must have sent a raiding party ahead to strike the moment his crew fired the cannon.

Zereldo: <Hero>, I know we've achieved what we came here to do. But how would you like to finish this adventure by stopping the most notorious pirate in

Hero: Well I don't plan to let him get away now. Lets end him!

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