The Eggselent Exchange


«Scene: Yulgar's Inn - Hero is chatting with two Clerics, holding a mug of a non-alcholic beverage (probably)»

Hero: So there I was, face to face with this huge dragon!
Hero: I looked up at its gaping maw and I thought, <Hero>, you've finally met your match. It came in for the attack, and-

«Hero disappears, leaving the dragon egg behind»

«Cleric Dawn and Cleric Joy look at each other and shrug together»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Brightfall - the Hero falls on the ground, and gets up again with their Moglinberry Juice mug on top of their head»

Hero: Whoa! Uh.. hi, everyone. I wasn't expecting to see you guys again so soon!

Gravelyn The Good: Quick, <Hero>, your egg, where is it?

Hero: I was with Cleric Dawn and Cleric Joy when you grabbed me. They'll keep it safe… What's going on?

Mirror Drakath: I apologize for summoning you here so abruptly, but the situation really has become quite dire.
Mirror Drakath: As you recall, the last time we met, I agreed to follow our Xang to live in your world in exchange for the celestial dragon egg.
Mirror Drakath: The Xangs did cause a slight imbalance, but it wasn't big enough to worry about.

Hero: Yes… I remember that.

Gravelyn The Good: Unfortunately, over time, the imbalance has grown, and it has reached a critical point.

Good Xing: We don't want to be apart, but…

Good Xang: We'll do what needs to be done to preserve Order.

Hero: That really stinks, but Drakath -- you're powerful enough to make the switch. Why not just go ahead and do it?

Mirror Drakath: That's true, I am. But your world's Drakath is just as strong -- strong enough to block any attempts I make.
Mirror Drakath: With your help, though-- if we combine our strength, we may be able to succeed.

Gravelyn The Good: We'll need to hurry, though. The twins in Lore are attempting to summon their chaos beast. If they succeed, it will be too late.

«Scene moves to Evil Xing and Xang standing by the mirror. They are making faces in the mirror and laughing.»

Evil Xing: We've been so loyal…

Evil Xang: …by your side, for so long!

Evil Xing: And frankly, it's getting a little boring in here.

Evil Xang: How can we play?

Evil Xing: How can we sow mischief and chaos?

Xing and Xang: Without our chaos beast?

Drakath: You two seem to have done just fine without it so far.
Drakath: I'm not sure what's been hindering your summon.
Drakath: But you twins have been my most promising minions, and your beast will come.
Drakath: You are on the right path, and you will succeed. You just need to have a little patience.

«Scene fades»

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