The Egg


«Scene: Hero and Loremaster Maya in the forest with the manticore egg»

Loremaster Maya: Alright, let's see if this works.

«Maya places a scroll into the nest of fire golem stones with the egg»

Loremaster Maya: In theory, I SHOULD just need to set this scroll afire…

«The scroll is set on fire»

Loremaster Maya: And then…

«A crack appears in the egg»

Hero: Wow, that happened fast.

Loremaster Maya: Yeah, I really thought it'd need to incubate a little more.

«The egg hatches, revealing a baby manticore»

Baby Manticore: Scraaaawk!

Loremaster Maya: Aww! It's so cute!

Hero: Haha, yeah, because it hasn't grown up to be a deadly monster yet.
Hero: You think this was the right decision?
Hero: Bringing dangerous, extinct creatures back to life… haven't I seen enough movies to know that's a bad idea?

Loremaster Maya: Apparently not!
Loremaster Maya: But I think this decision was the right one.
Loremaster Maya: We saw what happened when they were removed from the ecosystem.
Loremaster Maya: Dragonkind was free to flourish unchecked, which enabled the seven dragons you defeated to terrorize Lore.
Loremaster Maya: Maybe bringing them back into it will keep it from happening again.

«Scene fades»

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