The Dragons' Graveyard


«Scene: the Hero, Galanoth, and Artix stand in a deserted desert littered with the skeletons of dragons»

Hero: So, you guys were able to track down where Gorgorath went?

Galanoth: Yes. It wasn't easy…
Galanoth: But with help from the Order of Dragonslayers and the Paladins of Lightguard, we were able to find her.

«Artix looks to the left as the screen pans over to a spinal column sticking out of the sand»

Artix: Her lair is here in this wasteland, where dragons go to die.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: a dragon's skull»

Artix: They call it the Dragons' Graveyard.

«A glint appears in the empty eye socket of the dragon skull»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: a castle made out of dragon bones in the middle of the desert, back-lit by the moon»

Artix: In the center of it, she has built a castle from their bones.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Hero, Galanoth, and Artix»

Hero: Alright, well…
Hero: We're not going to get a repeat of last week, are we guys?

Artix: Absolutely not! We have learned our lesson.

Galanoth: We're going to have to work together to bring this monster down.
Galanoth: …especially now that she has the Jewel of the Undying.

Hero: UGH. Do we even have a plan for that?
Hero: Last time we fought her, your weapons bounced right off of her.

Artix: That is right - we will not be able to defeat her as long as she has the Jewel!

Galanoth: The only real choice we have is to find out where she's got it hidden.
Galanoth: Once we've gotten the Jewel out of the picture, she'll be a lot less tough.

«Scene fades»

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