The Death Pit Arena


«Scene: Throne of Darkness castle exterior»

Throne of Darkness

«Scene: Throne of Darkness castle interior»

Mysterious Figure: We are gathered here for one purpose.

All except Mysterious Figure: WE KNOW!!!

Xeight: Seriously, you say the same thing at the beginning of every adventure!

Scarletta: The stories have been very interesting so far.
Scarletta: Hearing how the three of you have failed to kill <Hero> has revealed some secrets.

Pax: Humph! You all failed because you are WEAK and INFERIOR!
Pax: The only story worthy of this table is mine.
Pax: Brace yourssselves for the greatessst story at this table!

Ziri: Ziri wishes it was the Arm Pit Arena!

«Ziri pumps his arms»



«Pax is now holding Ziri in his hands»

Pax: Do you think this is some sort of joke, little Sneevil?
Pax: Mine is a serious story of life and death!
Pax: Not one of you squishy little flesssh-bags would lassst one round in my arena!

Scarletta: Do you think you're better than the rest of us, Pax?

Pax: No.
Pax: I KNOW that I'm better than the ressst of you.

«Close up of Scarletta»

Pax: Humansss?

«Close up of Xeven»

Pax: Dark elvesss?

«Close up of Ziri»

Pax: Sssnevilss?

«Scene zooms back out»

Pax: …whatever Sssekt and Vaden were?
Pax: You're all a cruel missstake of nature! The only thing you're good for is serving usss!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Death Pit Arena, with a small moglin inside it»

Pax: The true-born Drakels!
Pax: My kind are the direct dessscendants of the great Dragons, and the rightful rulers of thisss world!
Pax: Once, every year, we hold the Death Pit Arena Tournament to prove it!
Pax: We gather the weak and the pathetic to battle to the death for our amusement.
Pax: And then, when all of you fodder are gone, we fight for the title of High Warlord.

«The Death Pit Crusher comes down from the ceiling and crushes the moglin»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Throne of Darkness castle interior»

Xeight: So let me guess. Somehow <Hero> managed to show up in the tournament, didn't <he/she>?

Pax: Yesss…

Vaden, Scarletta, Ziri, and Sekt: Oh, man! You're screwed!

«Scene fades»

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