The Death of Wolfwing / Wolfwing's End


«Scene: Wolfwing's Lair»

«Wolfwing panting»

Wolfwing: Finish me, hero.

«Wolfwing stands up»

«Arrow flies by and hurts Wolfwing»

«Shadowslayer Z appears»

«Wolfwing turns into dust»

Shadowslayer Z: So long, Wolfwing.
Shadowslayer Z: Well done, Hero. The Lycans and Vampires kept the Werepyre army busy enough for us to get undetected.

Hero: All he wanted was to not feel so alone.

Shadowslayer Z: It was a monster, and now it’s gone. The world is a little safer for everyone.

Hero: Everyone… except him.

«Shadowslayer Z walks away»

«Moonlight beam lights up Wolfwing’s dust»

«Wolfwing's eyes appear from the dust»

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