The Death of Logash


«Scene fades in, showing a silhouette of Logash in Falguard Temple. Following that shows Logash standing in a cavern, where Chaos Lord Lionfang flies in on Manticore.»

Lionfang: Well, well, well. A few of you vermin did survive.

«Scene zooms in on Lionfang.»

Lionfang: Never fear, you'll be joining the rest of your kind in death soon enough.

«Lionfang attempts to whip Logash, but is retaliated against, where Logash throws Lionfang against the cavern wall.»

Lionfang: You DARE…?

Logash: I am Logash of the Falguard Dreadwatch.
Logash: The Primarch has commanded me to protect the sacred Tears of the Mother.
Logash: I have sworn on my life that I would not fail him.
Logash: You will not enter the Darkblood Slavers' Death Pits as long as I live.

«Lionfang stands up from his stance against the cavern wall.»

Lionfang: And Darkblood have very long lives from what I understand.

«Logash nods, and plants his sword into the cavern floor.»

Lionfang: Very well, there is a simple solution to this little problem.

«Lionfang attacks Logash with a chaos tentacle, draining Logash of his life force until he reduced to a skeleton.»

Lionfang: There. Now you were true to your word.
Lionfang: You proteected the Death Pits as long as you lived.

«Lionfang walks past the corpse of Logash. Following that, you see Logash' spirit take the medallion off of Logash's corpse, and the scene ends with a fade out.»

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