The Darkblood Scroll


«The scene begins with the Hero giving the scroll to Lionfang.»

Lionfang: This is it!
Lionfang: It will take a month to fully translate from Darkblood but this is it!
Lionfang: Do you realize what this means?!

Hero: It means that there IS a weapon to combat chaorruption!

Lionfang: Yes, but more than that. MUCH more!
Lionfang: It means that the Great Truce is over!
Lionfang: We can save ourselves and let Gravelyn and her evil soldiers perish!

Hero: But, isn't THAT kind of evil?!

Lionfang: No! The destruction of evil in any form is always the greatest good!
Lionfang: You and I, Hero, we no longer have to play along with this charade!
Lionfang: You can help me lead my soldiers of light, the Golden Onslaught, to victory over Chaos AND EVIL!

Hero: The golden what? But you're one of Alteon's generals!

Lionfang: Not anymore. The king I swore to defend would never side with Evil!
Lionfang: It's clear that his illness has taken his mind.

Hero: You would break the Great Truce, betray your king, and start a war on two fronts?
Hero: That's just STUPID, Lionfang!

«Lionfang attacks the Hero.»

Lionfang: You're one of them, a collaborator!
Lionfang: Oh, you will regret your choice, hero!
Lionfang: Soon the weapon against Chaos will be mine, but first…
Lionfang: …You and all those like you will come to see things my way… or perish!

«Lionfang flees and the scene fades out.»

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