The Dark Prophecy


«Scene: Desert with the 4th Dimensional Pyramid in it»

Anubyx: The prophecy is old… so, so old. Every generation of temple priests learns of it.

Hero: So you've said. But… you still haven't said WHAT the prophecy is.

Anubyx: Sometimes I wonder -- is the prophecy WE know still the TRUE prophecy?
Anubyx: Parchments get lost, ink smeared. Whispers distort words.
Anubyx: But no matter what, this ONE thing has always remained constant. This one thing, I know to be true --

«The 4th Dimensional Pyramid aligns with the Black Hole Sun and blasts Anubyx with a laser of white energy»

Anubyx: <Hero>! You. Are. The ONLY ONE. Who can enter the --

«Scene fades to white»

«Scene: Anubyx and his soldiers have been inverted by the blast»

«Scene fades»

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