The Dark Alliance


«Scene: Shadow Nulgath prepares to strike»

Nulgath: Ha ha, you’ll never defeat me.

«Scene: Dage lights a fire in his fist»

Dage the Evil: I don’t need to defeat YOU.

«Dage sets Nulgath on fire»

Dage the Evil: I just need to defeat HIM.

«Nulgath returns to normal»

Nulgath: You were right. I had been trying to use Malgor.
Nulgath: His army would help me take the Underworld from the Legion.
Nulgath: But he used me instead. His shadows …they changed me.

«Dage offers his hand»

Dage the Evil: I know.

«Scene: Dage and Nulgath on opposite sides of the screen»

Nulgath: You could have destroyed me, you know.
Nulgath: Why didn’t you?

Dage the Evil: You play a role in this world’s balance, just as I do.
Dage the Evil: You are the Void. You’re important, too.

Nulgath: He wants to destroy all of it. I could see that when I was… part of him.

Dage the Evil: If we want to preserve any part of it…

Nulgath: We have to destroy him.

«Scene fades»

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