The Cursed Mirror



«Scene: Mount Doom»

When the Queen of Monsters was freed, more than just the door to her prison was opened…
The seals protecting our world from one of the multiverse's greatest threats disappeared…
And the Mysterious Stranger was once again able to enter our Lore…

«A lightning strike hits the Mount Doom portal then scene changes to Mysterious Stranger coming out of a portal in a forest»

Mysterious Stranger: Hahaha…excellent. I can feel the darkness energy swirling around me.
Mysterious Stranger: The time is ripe…for the shadows to RISE!

«A dark red flame engulfs the Mysterious Stranger then scene changes to Voltaire, Deady and Nightmare in a dark forest, playing Ouija, around a campfire»

Voltaire: !!!

«Shadowy tentacles move around the campfire»

Deady: Yo, Volty. I think this thing's broken.
Deady: Before it got so dark, all this stupid board showed was 13, 13, 13…

Voltaire: Are those shadows… moving?

«Off in a log, a calendar shows a red circle around November 13th and it is taken by a shadow tentacle»

Deady: So, we should probably -

Voltaire: —definitely —

Deady: let the Hero know about this.

Voltaire: WE RIDE!

«Scene changes to Voltaire, Deady and Nightmare reunited with Hero in some plaza»

Hero: Voltaire? Wait, if YOU'RE here, that must mean…

Deady: It's another Friday the 13th disaster, yep.

«Voltaire nudges Deady»

Voltaire: Well, not quite.
Voltaire: This time, I know EXACTLY what we need in order to prevent things from going downhill.
Voltaire: The Cursed Mirror of Enutrof!

Hero: The Cursed…whaaaaa?

Deady: Hey, don't you still have that book you picked up at the Con?
Deady: You know, the one with the leather face that looks like it's screaming?

Voltaire: The Necronomicon? Right, good idea!

«Voltaire pulls out the Necronomicon»

Voltaire: Have a look!

Hero: Wait…so this cursed mirror…
Hero: …It's been shattered? And the pieces are scattered across Lore?

Voltaire: Exactly!

Hero: But we don't have TIME to look for the missing pieces!
Hero: If it's Friday the 13th, something bad is bound to happen soo-

«The ground trembles, dark flames appear and the place turns red»

Hero: …Right. Let's find those mirror fragments.

«Scene fades»

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