The Curse


«Scene: Stryche and the Hero in a nest with green slime and a burning torch»
«Scene fades»

Hero: This looks like… a nest of some sort?

Stryche: Has he gone completely feral?

Hero: Maybe. When you and I fought him before, he… well, he sure didn't look human.

Marchosias: Looking for me?

«Scene: Marchosias moves onto the screen with a wide-open mouth»

Marchosias: Looking for me?

Stryche: Marchosias!
Stryche: Even after I broke your curse, I could still feel the imbalance in Voland's power.
Stryche: But I never expected to see anything like… THIS.
Stryche: What have you DONE?

Marchosias: Is that what you think? That I did this?
Marchosias: Fool. You didn't BREAK the curse when you burned the skull of Voland with moonfire.
Marchosias: You CAUSED it.

Stryche: …what?

Marchosias: The moonlight is now burning inside all of us.

«Scene: Two Eclipsed Ones appear in shadow»

Marchosias: If at ANY the will of the beast is stronger than the human…

«The two Eclipsed Ones are no longer in shadow with a white flash»

Marchosias: …they are lost to it, permanently.

«Scene: Hero and Stryche face off against Marchosias, who has the two Eclipsed Ones behind him now»

Marchosias: I brought Voland's power out of balance.
Marchosias: YOU have DESTROYED the balance!

Stryche: You're lying! I saw your Eclipsed Ones well before we'd burned the skull of Voland!

Marchosias: Yes - with me in control of Voland's power, their bestial side became dominant.
Marchosias: But now? It is all they have. Their humanity is gone.

«Scene: Stryche charges toward Marchosias with the Moon-Forged Blade in hand»

Stryche: I won't fall for this!

Marchosias: Ha, ha… see? You feel it now, don't you?

«Scene: Stryche turns into a dark gray, wolf-like beast»

Marchosias: You're losing yourself.

«Marchosias and Stryche fight as beasts. Marchosias sends Stryche flying. Stryche turns back into a human and the Moon-Forged Blade breaks.»

Hero: Stryche! Come on, man! You gotta get up!

Stryche: Nngh!

Marchosias: It's over.
Marchosias: Stryche has Voland's wisdom, but I have his strength.
Marchosias: He might have had a chance with that blade, but it's shattered on the floor.

«Scene: Hero holds out another Moon-Forged Blade»

Hero: But I still have MINE.
Hero: Guess it's up to me now.

«Scene fades»

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