The Core


«Scene: Hero defeats the Crystal Mana Construct in the center of Lore»

Hero: What was that thing??

Cysero: That wasn't a cat FOR SURE!

Warlic: It seemed to be some unnatural creature conjured by the proximity to the hardened mana core.

Hero: Does that mean that the core is safe?

Warlic: I can feel it realigning now but whatever caused that creature might make another.
Warlic: The best we can do is hope that it was some act of chance, and it will never happen again.

Hero: If it does at least we have a way of getting back down here.

Warlic: Assuming we can get back up.

Cysero: Oh the Jusgedonwifit is just fine. In fact… better than new!
Cysero: Some of the stuff you gave me doubled her power output.
Cysero: We won't even have to refuel on the way out.

«Warlic nods»

Warlic: Excellent. Then let's leave this place.
Warlic: I have a report to write to the Tower of Magic.

«Scene zooms up and fades»

<Scene: a crack appears on the core»

Voice from the crack: Hmmmmm…. Interesting.

«Scene fades»

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