The Complication


«Scene: Ada, the Hero, Laken, and some Seraphic soldiers stand in front of their base»

Laken: This device will take us to the center of the Underworld — to the World's Soul.
Laken: Once we're there, it shouldn't be long until Dage notices our presence.
Laken: He'll come after us, but he won't have the full strength of his Legion backing him.
Laken: That will give us an opening to use the weaponized Dark Shard, and take him down.

«Screen closes in on Ada and Laken»

Ada: Are we ready?

Laken: Yes. Do it.

«Using the device she holds, Ada opens a portal to the World's Soul. It appears like an eye, opening in front of the Seraphic Paladins. A parallel portal appears somewhere in the Underworld, in one of its dark caves. Ada, Laken, the Hero, and the rest of the Seraphic soldiers appear in the Underworld in front of the portal in a flash of white light. The portal then closes and vanishes.»

Hero: Are we in the right place? There's nothing here…

Laken: No. It brought us to the tunnels just outside of it.
Laken: But we're not too far. It shouldn't take us long to make our way there.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Two Legion soldiers appear»

«Scene: Laken and Ada»

Laken: …then again, I could be wrong.

«Scene fades»

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