The Commander


«Goregrim overlooking the battle»

Fear Monger: Commander Goregrim!
Fear Monger: Their defences are stronger than we anticipated. Shall I order the second wave to begin their assault?

Goregrim: No. Order the troops to fall back and stay out of my way I'll handle this myself.

Fear Monger: Sir, don't you think you're acting… rashly?
Fear Monger: We have the power and the numbers to wear them down. They can't endure forever. If you just wait eventually they will fall.

Goregrim: Eventually? I have no desire to wait for "eventually". This has been a colossal waste of my time already.

Fear Monger: But Sir! If the Queen finds out that you're rushing this…

Goregrim: Quiet!

«Goregrim grabs the Fear Monger and throws him to the ground»

Goregrim: I've had enough of you and I've had enough of this assault.
Goregrim: She knows what's on the line for me.
Goregrim: She may be the Queen, and I may suffer for it when she finds me… but I'm going to end this. Myself.

Fear Monger: …Sir?

Goregrim: Order the troops to fall back and stay out of my way. I'll push through into Northpointe and put an end to this. And to <Hero>.

«Scene fades»

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