The Chronolords Capture Xeven


«Scene: Xeven in chains in front of the Council of Chronolords»

Council of Chrono Lords

Chronlord: Let the trial commence.

Chronolord: How dare you! Let go of me!

  • Note: Should be Xeven.

Chronolord: You stand accused of…
Chronolord: Stealing the Tachyon Blades.
Chronolord: Forbidden Time Travel.
Chronolord: Disrupting the Timelines.
Chronolord: Altering the Past, Present and Future.
Chronolord: Traveling to the End of Time.
Chronolord: Unleashing the Vorefax.
Chronolord: Creating a Paradox which was increased the power of the Vorefax 7 times, and potentially an 8th.
Chronolord: How do you plead?

Xeven: Guilty…
Xeven: Guilty of trying to change something and help the world before it is too late!
Xeven: I know you've seen what's coming, too!
Xeven: You're all just cowards! Or you would be helping me do something to stop it!

Chronolord: Silence.
Chronolord: The verdict is unanimous.
Chronolord: You have been found guilty, and the sentence is…
Chronolord: DEATH.

Xeven: !!!!

«The Chronolords pull out their daggers»

Chronolord: 3…
Chronolord: 2…
Chronolord: 1…

Hero: STOP!

«Screen zooms out to show Hero standing next to Xeven»

Chronolord: What!? What is the meaning of this!?

Xeven: YOU!?

Hero: I command you to release Xeven at once!

Chronolord: On what grounds?

Hero: On that grounds that…

Xeven: But weren't you just chasing me to kill me before I killed you?

Hero: NooOOoooOOOOooooOOooo……
Hero: I have been chasing to get your help to beat THAT THING.

«Screen shows Vorefax»

Hero: So here's the deal. I rescue you, and you help me. OK?

Xeven: Um, can I assassinate you AFTER we're done?

Hero: Sure.

Xeven: OK, count me in!

Chronolord: The law of time is absolute! Stand down <Hero>!
Chronolord: Or you shall share her fate!

  • I will not let you harm her!
  • *Smirks* Then… We fight.
  • Then it's time to clock you guys out :D

Chronolord: GET <HIM/HER>!

«Scene fades»

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