The Chaos Amulet


«Scene: Close up on Xang and Xing»

Xang: You have to admit, it IS better now that we're all back together again.

Xing: IS it, though?
Xing: I don't know, Xang. He's just not the same Drakath he used to be.
Xing: He's gotten so… mopey.

«Scene: Drakath stands next Xang and Xing»

Drakath: I heard that.

Xang: Drakath!

Drakath: She's right. After my… after our defeat, I lost my mojo. I'm big enough to admit that.
Drakath: But things are going to be different now that I have you two back.

Xing: Yeah? Well excuse me if I don't hold my breath.

«Scene: Close up on Xang and Xing»

Xing: You lost the Chaos Amulet. Your mojo is GONE.

Xang: That's okay! We're glad to help you overcome your limitations!

Xing: Speak for yourself, Xang.
Xing: Face it. Without his powers, he's nothing.

«Scene: Back to Drakath»

Drakath: What ingratitude! After all I've done for you! You-

???: *ahem*

«Scene: Malgor appears in a flame»

Malgor: Perhaps I can help.

«Scene: Close up on Drakath»

Drakath: You!

Malgor: Calm yourself. I come in peace…

«Scene: Close up on Malgor holding The Chaos Amulet»

Malgor: …and bearing gifts.

Drakath: The Chaos Amulet! But… HOW?
Drakath: It was destroyed in the Chaos War…

Malgor: Never mind HOW. What's important is that it can be yours once more.

Drakath: Let me guess: in exchange for my loyalty.

Malgor: Think of it as an expression of your gratitude.

«Scene: Close up on Drakath, Xing and Xang»

Xing: Perfect! Problem solved. Go on, Drakath. Tell the man "Thank You".

Drakath: Problem solved… and all I have to do is agree to serve someone else.
Drakath: I learned my lesson about that when the Queen of Monsters left me to die.
Drakath: I won't make the same mistake twice!

«Scene: Drakath stabs Malgor, but Malgor disappears in his flame»

Malgor: Ha, ha, ha… I don't think so.

Drakath: A shadow!

Malgor: You've made your choice clear, Drakath. You are too weak for my army, anyway.
Malgor: After all, you were already defeated once before.

«Scene: Malgor's flame disappears»

Drakath: That coward!

Xing: Fwoosh… right down the drain.

Drakath: Make no mistake. That amulet WILL be mine again.
Drakath: And I know just how to get it.

«Scene fades»

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