The Cavern


«Scene: Eremon and the Hero stand in front of a cavern»

Eremon: Look how beautiful this cavern is!
Eremon: Such mastery over the land itself!
Eremon: If this is what the first of the Darkblood is capable of, then surely we are destined for greatness!

Hero: Yeah. Well…
Hero: …here's hoping this is all a lot more benign than it seems.

Kolyaban: Oh, hello.
Kolyaban: What are you doing in here?

Hero: What? Who said that?

Eremon: I didn't hear anything.

Kolyaban: Are you looking for me?

Hero: …Kolyaban?

«Question marks appear over Eremon's head»

Eremon: Kolyaban? She is here?

Hero: I'm not sure. I don't see anyone, but I can hear her…

«Flies fly onscreen»

Kolyaban: I've been looking for you, too.
Kolyaban: How interesting you are… not like the others at all.

Hero: Thanks, I… think.
Hero: (Man, do I have to draw EVERY power-hungry monster's attention?)

Kolyaban: Only the ones who can see who you really are.

Eremon: She is talking to you?

Hero: Is it… the flies? Is that where your voice is coming from?

Kolyaban: Such a smart one, too.
Kolyaban: Do you like what I've done with them? I have changed them. Improved them.
Kolyaban: Now they are my eyes, my ears, my voice.

«Question marks appear over Eremon's head»

Eremon: Kolyaban! I have come here for you! Not this one!

«Screen zooms in on the Hero»

Kolyaban: I could change you, too.

«Screen zooms back out»

Eremon: Speak to me, Kolyaban!

Kolyaban: I would love to see what I could do with someone like you.

«The Hero looks around»

«Scene fades»

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