The Cavalry's Here (2)


«Scene: Captain Rhubarb on his pirate ship with Floyd on his shoulder»

Captain Rhubarb: I don't know how much longer we'll be able t'hold these scurvy dogs off!

Floyd: Cap'n, look!

«Captain Rhubarb looks to the right and sees the airships of the Skyguard»

Captain Rhubarb: Ahoy, Captain Rhubarb! Glad to see you saved some for us!

«The airships attack the kaiju»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Captain Rhubarb looking through a telescope at the battle»

Captain Rhubarb: Yaarr! Does that sting, ye sack o' bilge water?

«Captain Rhubarb lowers the telescope»

Captain Rhubarb: Ye won't be slayin' us this day! Our ariel brigade has arrived!

«Scene fades»

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