The Cavalry's Here (1)


«Scene: the Hero faces off against the Frostspawn Horror»

Hero: Alright, Ugly! You're the only thing left standing in my way!
Hero: How about you step aside and let me handle Karok, and then we can both go relax with a nice cup of hot chocolate?

«The Frostspawn Horror slams its paw against the ground»

Frostspawn Horror: RWAAAAUUGH!

Hero: Guess not.

«Hero readies their weapon»

Hero: Oh, well! Here goes!

???: Hey, <Hero>! Need a hand?

«Abel appears»

Hero: Abel! Boy am I glad to see you!

Abel: Syrrus has sent for me. He said Karok has returned!
Abel: This is my chance to step up and be a hero, just like both of you!

Hero: With you at my side, he won't stand a chance!

«Frostspawn Horror roars»

Frostspawn Horror: RWAAAAUUGH!

Hero: Come on, let's smash this thing!

«Scene fades»

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