The Bride



«Scene: Cysero, Memet, Voltaire, and the Hero confront the Bride of Shrade.»

Hero: You guys are… you're…

Aurelio Voltaire: The Black Knights Cabin counselors!

Cysero: YOU guys kidnapped all the kids?

Memet: And the Dark Makai staff.

Hero: But… why?

The Bride: I'm doing it for HIM!

Hero: "Him"? You mean Shrade!

The Bride: Yes! I am the reincarnation of his lost love, from so many years ago.
The Bride: I've seen him in the shadows, in the trees. I know he's been watching me.
The Bride: And with this, I will show him that I see HIM, too!
The Bride: He will come for me.. for all of us!
The Bride: He will make me like HIM - unliving! And I will be with him forever!

«Zoom in the the Hero.»

Hero: You… you know he's not REAL, right?
Hero: You guys have been doing all of this to appease an URBAN LEGEND.

The Bride: (off-screen) Oh yeah?

«The camera moves to reveal… Shrade!»

The Bride: Then who is THAT?

«The campers are shocked.»

Cysero/Memet/Voltaire/Hero: AAAAAAH!

Memet: (happily) Yay!

«Scene fades.»

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