The Breaking of Lore


«Scene: a shaking Chaos Realm»

Drakath: She's FREE! The Queen of Monsters has returned… And here I am.

Hero: She IS free. You freed her, and now you don't want to face the consequences.
Hero: Go off. Raise your armies. Reclaim your birthright and power.
Hero: See if you can succeed again when you aren't backed by an infernal She-Beast.
Hero: *I* am going to go save the world. The Elemental Lords know it can't count on YOU.

«Scene fades»

«The Hero lands outside the Chaos portal»

Hero: Maya! You're safe! What about Artix, Gravelyn, Battleon -

Maya: <Hero>, you're BACK! you've been gone for WEEKS!
Maya: I knew you would come out, but… I was afraid for you.
Maya: The world is falling down around us. I didn't know how long I could last here!
Maya: But - where is Drakath? Did you defeat him? Is he dead?

Hero: No. But we will meet again someday. I'm sure of it.

Maya: The Queen of Monsters is here. Or, at least, her minions are.

Hero: We don't know where the Queen is?!

Maya: No, she vanished shortly after she appeared over Mount Doomskull.
Maya: The Breaking started, and her minions attacked, and she… disappeared.
Maya: Everyone has begun fleeing the continent. Nowhere is safe here.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: a charred and destroyed forest»

The world is in flames. Not even those who worshipped the Mother of Monsters are safe.

«Dwarfhold Keep shakes»

The land itself is breaking. Mountains fall, volcanoes rise where none stood before.

«Scene: Monsters in the Elemental planes»

Her power reaches even into the other planes themselves.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: just outside the Chaos Portal»

Hero: So. I know WHAT I need to do. I've got to stop her… I'm just not sure where to begin.

Maya: I have something that will help you. I've had this since you entered the Portal.
Maya: It was brought here to me, for you. You have been summoned.

Hero: … Summoned by whom?

Maya: I can't say. It's forbidden. The prophecy… the Loremaster's code…
Maya: I'm NOT allowed to interfere, no matter how much I want to!
Maya: It is one of the hardest things about being a Loremaster for me.
Maya: We watch. We guide. We serve. We do NOT act.

«Scene fades»

«The Hero holds up a scroll»

Hero: But… what does it say? I can't read this. It's some sort of code.

Maya: No, not code. It's a message, written in ink that scrambles the letter shapes.
Maya: You'll need to create the counter agent. It's magical.

Hero: In that case… Arcangrove is the best place to go. Right now, at least.

Maya: I would have told you that if I could. Go there; help will be waiting.

«Scene fades»

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