The Betrayal


«Scene: Dage stand next to some Legion members next to the World's Soul»

«Scene: Ada, Laken, and the Hero on the other side of the World's Soul»

Ada: He's already here!

«Scene: Split-screen; Laken on the left and Dage on the right»

Dage The Evil: You were always the fool Laken.

«Scene: Dage and his soldiers next to the World's Soul»

Dage The Evil: …but never a fool played an act so well. You have truly impressed me, my apprentice.

«Screen scrolls to the left. Laken kneels in front of Dage. Dage somehow contorts his helmet into a facsimile of a smile.»

Laken: Long Unlive the Legion.

«Scene: Hero and Ada»

Hero: WHAT?!?

Ada: WHAT?!?
Ada: You… were working for him the whole time?

«Scene: the Hero, Ada, and Laken»

Laken: I'm sorry, Ada. It was safer for you if you didn't know.

Ada: No… this isn't you.

Hero: But… the Dark Shard! The weapon you made from it!

Laken: Oh, this isn't a weapon.
Laken: This piece of Dage's soul was cursed by Nulgath. It binds Dage to the Underworld, and to him.
Laken: That curse prevented Dage from ever reabsorbing this shard back into himself.
Laken: From ever regaining his full power.
Laken: The Legion couldn't break the Curse on its own.

Hero: But the Seraphic Order, being such a powerful force of good… they could.

Laken: And it did.

Hero: And the device you've made won't hurt Dage.

Laken: No.
Laken: But it WILL allow the shard's energy to be funneled back into his soul.
Laken: And THAT means he'll finally be strong enough to realize his highest goal…
Laken: To consume the World's Soul, and with its power, make the Legion the mightiest force on Lore.
Laken: Strong enough to rule over not just the Underworld, but Lore itself.

«Scene: Dage and his soldiers»

Dage The Evil: I can't begin to understate my gratitude. With this, my connection to Nulgth will finally be severed.
Dage The Evil: But conquering Lore is no longer my plan.

«Scene: Laken faces Dage»

Laken: …What?

Dage The Evil: A lot has changed in your absence.
Dage The Evil: I've come to realize the importance of the balance between life and death.
Dage The Evil: It is necessary for me to guard over the Underworld, and the World's Soul.
Dage The Evil: And equally necessary that we leave Lore to the living.

«Laken stands back»

Laken: I'm sorry, WHAT?
Laken: I've given up so many years of my life for you, for THIS.

«Laken takes an aggressive stance»

Laken: EVERYTHING I sacrificed was for nothing?

Dage The Evil: Of course not.
Dage The Evil: You have given me what I needed to destroy my contract with Nulgath.

«Close up of Dage»

Dage The Evil: You have proven once again that your rightful place is at my side.

«Close up of a furious Laken»

Laken: Why would I ever want to rule alongside such a coward?

«Laken holds his sword (the weaponized Dark Shard) against Dage»

Laken: You don't deserve this.
Laken: You have grown weak. I will take the power of the World's Soul.

«Laken is glowing faintly»

Laken: And I will rule in your place.
Laken: This will be the beginning of a NEW Legion… MY Blood Legion.

«Scene: Hero and Ada»

Hero: Laken? What… what's happening to you? Are you OK?

Ada: I… don't know.
Ada: I've never seen this before.

«Scene: Laken faces off against Dage»

Dage The Evil: Laken. Think about what you're doing here.
Dage The Evil: Your Seraphs won't support this. You'll be fighting the Legion alone.

«Scene: Close up of Dage»

Dage The Evil: If you pick this fight, you'd best be prepared to lo-

«Ada knocks the other Legion members out of the way and dive-tackles Dage, ramming a dagger into his back»

Ada: …prepared to lose? I don't think so.

«Dage hurls Ada off of his back and she lands on her feet in front of a even-more-glowing Laken and his army of Seraphic Paladins»

Ada: The Order came here to defeat the Legion. That hasn't changed.
Ada: And whatever is happening to Laken, I WILL protect him.

«Scene fades»

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