The Beast's Influence


«Scene: Dage and Virgil on Screen 8 of Seven Circles»

Dage the Evil: I have come for the Beast.

Virgil: Lord Dage, you have told me in the past, that if you ever came here seeking out that creature, to convince you to turn back.
Virgil: Please, go no further and return to the Soul Forge.

Dage the Evil: Old friend, I appreciate your concern, however, the other half of my soul calls out to me.
Dage the Evil: And I intend to answer.

Virgil: You mustn't.

Dage the Evil: It is only out of my respect for you, as one of the Underworld's oldest residents, that I don't strike you down where you stand.
Dage the Evil: Do not stand in my way.
Dage the Evil: I have already sent my Legion ahead to feed the Beast in order to regain its strength.

«Scene: Three answer options appear on Screen»

I will not allow you to unleash the Beast!

I will tear your Legion bone from bone!

Is sacrifice the only way to victory?

«Scene: Close up on Dage the Evil»

Dage the Evil: You can try to stop me, but it is no use.
Dage the Evil: I have crushed your kind before, and with the Beast…
Dage the Evil: Well, I intend on this being the last time.

«Close up on Virgil»

Virgil: This is worse than I feared.
Virgil: The closer Dage gets to the Beast, the more influence it has over him.
Virgil: Disregard what he has said, Hero. That was not Dage the Evil speaking, but the Beast itself.
Virgil: If we wish to save Lore, we must stop the Beast before it fully consumes Dage and becomes one.
Virgil: If that were to happen, all hope would be abandoned.

«Scene fades»

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