The Beast's Defeat


«Scene: Hero running towards The Beast and slashes him»


«Scene fades»
«Scene: Hero standing next to The Beast with weapon unsheathed»

You call yourself a Hero?!
Your Pride drives you to commit heroic deeds!
You Envy the power of your enemies and wish to strike them down for it!
And your Greed for more and more power and rewards drives you even further!
Pride, Envy, Avarice! All sparks that set fire to hearts of humans!
You aren't driven by virtue! You are driven by sin!
You are right where you belong, Hero!
With ME!
Give me your soul, Dragon, and we will make paradise together!

???: Silence!


«Scene: Close up on Dage the Evil»

If it isn't the other half of my soul.
Come to become one with me once more?

Dage the Evil: No.

«Scene: The Beast moves his head closer to Hero and Dage the Evil»

What did you say?

Dage the Evil: No.

Perhaps you have forgotten your place!

Dage the Evil: Perhaps I shall remind you of yours!

«Dage raises his hands and begins draining light blue souls from the Beast»

What do you think you're doing?!

Dage the Evil: Taking my Legion back.

Who do you think you are? You belong to me!

«Close up on Dage»

Dage the Evil: I am Dage the Evil!
Dage the Evil: Breaker of Contracts
Dage the Evil: Ruler of the Underworld.
Dage the Evil: Lord of the Legion.
Dage the Evil: Bound to NONE!

«Closer up on The Beast, Hero and Dage»

Dage the Evil: I am not half of your soul.
Dage the Evil: You are half of mine!
Dage the Evil: And it is time you return to your rightful place!


«Dage raises his other hand and drains even more souls from The Beast»


«The Beast starts glowing»


«Screen lightens up»
«Scene: Hero and Dage stand further away from the Beast while The Beast turns into stone»

Hero: Dage, is that still you?

Dage the Evil: Yes, @name.
Dage the Evil: Thanks to you, the Beast was weakened to the point that I was able to consume its power without its influence.

«Three answer options appear on Screen»

I'm just glad that the world isn't ending.

Do not thank me, Traitor!

It is good to have you back, Lord Dage.

«Scene: Close up on Dage and Hero»

Dage the Evil: Regardless; my soul is now whole again.
Dage the Evil: I can feel my true power coursing through me.
Dage the Evil: And with this new power, I shall expand my Legion.
Dage the Evil: And soon, I will finish my fight with Malgor.
Dage the Evil: For good.

«Scene fades»

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