The Beast (Cutscene)


«Scene: Hero and Virgil standing on Screen 16 next to Treachery's defeated body»

Hero: That wasn't so bad!
Hero: Are you sure we had the right guy?

«Dungeon shakes»


Hero: Umm, Virgil?!

«Close up on Hero and Virgil»
«Hero looks at Virgil»

Hero: Please tell me that was just the Underworld's stomach rumbling!

Virgil: I'm afraid not, Hero.
Virgil: I'm sensing a large spike of the Beast's energy ahead.
Virgil: You must go.

«Hero runs ahead»
«Scene fades»
«Scene: Hero looks up»

Hero: W-what…
Hero: Something like this…
Hero: It shouldn't exist…

«Scene: The Beast and Hero on Screen 17»

Ahh. Welcome, Eternal Dragon.
Do you like my paradise?

Hero: I… think this is supposed to be a prison.

The mind is its own place, Dragon.
It can make a prison out of paradise, or a paradise out of prison.

«The Beast moves his head a little closer to the Hero»

And once I devour that Eternal soul of yours…
I will make the entire world my paradise!

Hero: Yeah. I don't want my soul devoured today.

Don't be selfish, Dragon!
Together, we can make Lore my paradise!

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Close up on The Beast's face»

Come forth and see!

«Scene fades»

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