The Axe (2)


«Scene: Stellaria and the Hero in Stonewood next to the Blinding Edge of Obsidian stuck in a rock and BioKnight. The Hero is pointing towards the axe.»

Hero: Artix's axe… the Blinding Light of Destiny… it’s really here!

BioKnight: And you’ve led the Deadtech army right to it…

BioKnight: Preparing to initiate Deadtech upgrades….

Hero: Oh yeah? Well, good luck with that, buddy. It’s still stuck in that stone.

«Hero facepalms»

Hero: Guess you shoulda waited until I pulled it out!

BioKnight: Your war is already lost. Surrender your flesh. Pull out the axe and give it to me human… I COMMAND YOU.

«Hero rubs the back of their head»

Hero: LOL you’re kidding, right?

BioKnight: Did I syntax err--stutter? Remove it from the stone flesh sack, or I will mangle your body so bad…
BioKnight: they won't be able to upgrade you into a roomba!

«Hero readies their weapon»

Hero: Oh? Going to go with option two then…. Come get it!

«Scene fades»

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