The Avatar of Nature


«Scene: the Hero, Fae, and Aria reach Tera at the top of tree»

Aria: Alright! I got past your pollen bomb.
Aria: I got us out of that… giant, dead seed pod.
Aria: And I got us through that maze of branches to this nest.

«Scene zooms in on Aria»

Aria: NOW will you believe that I am what I say I am?

«Scene pans to the right to Tera»

Tera: *giggle*
Tera: Still so defensive, so proud.

«Tera starts glowing green»

Tera: When did I ever say that I didn't believe you?

«Tera transforms into Terrane and floats in the air»

Terrane: But your awakening hasn't been a smooth one, and you still needed guidance.

Fae: Omigosh! Who is THAT?

Aria: It's… the Avatar of Nature.

«Terrane glows and assumes a new pose»

Terrane: See? Your bond with Nature is getting stronger already!

Aria: But I'm still not ready yet.

Terrane: Maybe not YET.
Terrane: But I can help with that, if you like.

Aria: Yes. Please.

Hero: Hold up. Why the offer to help NOW?
Hero: All you wanted to do was play games with her before.

«Terrane glows and re-assumes her old pose»

Terrane: Champion of Balance, it does not surprise me that you'd see it that way.
Terrane: But Nature is different.
Terrane: A baby bird must be pushed from its nest before it can learn to fly.

Aria: <Hero>, it's ok. I understand.
Aria: What do I do next?

Terrane: Show me that you can fight.

«Terrane transforms into a giant bird»

Take the egg from its mother, and I will show you how to use it.

«Scene fades»

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