The Astrium


«Scene: Hero standing in front of a balance scale in a ruins.»

Hero: I LOVE it when things are simple. They aren't even guarded.

«A black and gold spear is thrown at and hits Hero.»
«A shadow runs by.»
«Screen stays on the spear.»

«A black and gold warrior picks up the matching spear.»

«Screen moves back to Hero.»

Hero: Well… maybe it's a little guarded.

«Hero stands up.»
«Screen shows Hero and black and gold warrior named Zuthier.»

Zuthier: I am sorry, Hero. I did not mean to startle you.

Hero: Oh yeah? What does it look like when you ARE trying to startle someone?

Zuthier: The spear goes through them.

Hero: I think you might need to look up the word "startle".

Zuthier: I am Zuthier, of the Astrium Concord. I cannot allow you to take either the Sol or Luna.

Hero: Astrium Concord? I didn't hear about you guys.

Zuthier: No, you wouldn't have.
Zuthier: Long ago members of the Solaris and Lunaris cults realized that if either faction were to gain control of the artifacts, then all sense of balance would be lost.
Zuthier: The sun would burn in the dark night sky. The Moon and sun would rise at the same time.
Zuthier: The world might burn away with no dark side to cool it. The moon's constant pull might throw the world off its axis.

Hero: If the artifacts could cause so much destruction, then why do the Solaris knights and Lunaris Sentinals want the Sol and Luna?

Zuthier: They have been fighting for so long they have lost any sense of proportion.
Zuthier: They only care about the end result. They do not even consider the consequences of their victory.

Hero: So the Astrium Concord maintain balance?

Zuthier: Yes, by any means necessary. Members of both cults realized the potential hazards and created the Astrium.
Zuthier: We are the stars. Silent watchers in the night. Invisible in the day but always present. The Solaris and Lunaris do not even know we exist.

Hero: …And that is exactly how you like it.
Hero: But look what has happened! This city was destroyed by the conflict that YOU created.

Zuthier: No, that is only the story that we have passed to each side to help keep them focused on each other instead uniting to find the artifacts.
Zuthier: The city was destroyed centuries ago… the last time that the Solaris possessed the Sol and the Lunaris had control over the Luna.
Zuthier: The war began AFTER the Sol and Luna were lost. Hidden by the Astrium.
Zuthier: With the Chaos Magic flooding Mobius now, anything might happen if one side or the other got control of both artifacts… IT CANNOT HAPPEN.

Hero: I agree. It's best if they stay lost.
Hero: But I've already tracked them down. If I just walk away, the Solaris and Lunaris could just walk up and take the artifacts.

Zuthier: Right. The Astrium protection spells keeping the artifacts hidden broke when the town was inverted.
Zuthier: I will need your help to put them back in place. If you do, the Astrium Concord will be in your debt.

Hero: I understand. Where do we begin?

«Screen fades.»

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