The Artifact


«Scene: Drakath, Hero and Loremaster Anka in Deep Forest»

Drakath: So, let me get this straight.
Drakath: You think there's an artifact in the Plane of Monsters that will tell us… what? The truth about what happened to the Queen?

Loremaster Anka: Yes. It used to belong to the Queen herself… it may even be a part of her.
Loremaster Anka: It is connected to her… resonates with her.
Loremaster Anka: It's not the source of her power. But it is the core of it.

Drakath: I still don't see how that's going to tell us anything.
Drakath: And more importantly, why do we even care? The Queen is dead? Good. Let her rot.

Loremaster Anka: I'm a Loremaster. It's my job to seek out the truth.

Drakath: Yes, of course, but…
Drakath: This is a terrible idea.

Hero: Is it?

Drakath: Yes. If anyone knows how dangerous the Queen of Monsters is, it's me.
Drakath: Her power is intoxicating. It promises greatness.
Drakath: But she is treacherous. If this artifact was hers, then it cannot be trusted!

Drakath: Find this rift and close it. Seal off the Plane of Monsters for good.

«Scene fades»

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