The Apprentice


«Scene: Basani»

Scoria: So Xan split the town in half to force us to pick one of our children to be his apprentice?

Hero: Yes, I think so.

Scoria: That's HORRID! We'd never give up any of our children!

Hero: I know, it's OK. I have a plan. Your son Andesi seems to be the leader of the kids. He was keeping them together.

Scoria: What a brave boy.

Hero: Exactly, that's why you're going to volunteer him.

Scoria: WHAT! I never would…

Hero: Don't worry. Warlic is preparing an illusion spell that will make him look like Andesi.
Hero: When you hug him goodbye, Warlic will switch with him, and once Xan takes the fake Andesi out of town, we will strike.
Hero: He'll never know what hit him!

«Scene: Inside Basani windmill»

Xan: Time is running out, kids! Pick one of your parents to be my apprentice or everyone burns! AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!

Andesi: We've made our choise. Take my mother… Scoria. It's what she would want.

Xan: Very well! Let's go say goodbye to your mother!

«Scene: Basani, Scoria and Hero speaking»

Scoria: What the…

Xan: The choice has been made!

Hero: Xan, wait! We have no chosen!

Xan: You?! What would I let you choose? I made the children pick which of their parents I will take as my apprentice! Scoria is my new charge!

«Warlic stands behind the Hero»

Hero: Uh oh. I got it wrong. Can you change into Scoria?

Warlic: The illusion takes time to prepare. Besides, Xan already has her! We're too late!

Hero: It's never too late as long there is hope.

«Xan opens a crater from the ground»

Xan: We will start your training at once. I will burn your mind clean and start over with your freshly broken mind…
Xan: …then, as master and apprentice, we will search the Ruins of Shurpu beneath this town for my REAL prize!

«Xan jumps into the crater»

Andesi: Mother! NO!
Andesi: I thought you had a plan! I thought you would THINK of something!

Hero: Don't panic, Andesi. I haven't give up. Warlic and I will head into these ruins and find your mother.

Andesi: Fine. I'm going with you.

Warlic: That is unwise. You will just…

Hero: Warlic, He's going with us and even with all your power I don't think you could stop him.

Andesi: Let's go.

«Hero, Warlic and Andesi jumps into the crater»

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