The Anomaly


«Scene: the Hero stands in a black room. A figure wielding a scythe fades in.»

Hero: Whoa.
Hero: This thing isn't anything like those data glitches I fought before.
Hero: I think I've finally found the actual virus!

???: Virus? No… not at all.

Hero: I… really?
Hero: Ok, I'll bite. What are you, then?

???: I am a year. I am this year, to be precise.

Hero: Huh? What does that even mean?

Incarnation of 2016: This cathedral stores all of history's timelines as data.
Incarnation of 2016: Every major event has its own file. And so does each year.
Incarnation of 2016: I am the data file for the year 2016.

Hero: But… all of the glitching data… the corrupted files…
Hero: It all led me here.
Hero: Are you the one doing all of this damage?

Incarnation of 2016: I have been making changes, yes. Improvements.

Hero: Improvements? No! I don't know what you're trying to do, but you've been destroying everything!

Incarnation of 2016: Not everything.
Incarnation of 2016: Only the future.
Incarnation of 2016: The changes I've made to the past have all led to this beautiful, final moment.
Incarnation of 2016: My legacy. The end of Lore. The end of time.
Incarnation of 2016: As I end, so will everything. The final moment of history will be me.

Hero: Come on. If you have access to all of the data of the past, then you know I can't allow that.

Incarnation of 2016: I do. Which was why I tried to alter your timeline first.
Incarnation of 2016: But… I could not. You are… out of time? Eternal? Unable to be changed.

Hero: Yeah, I've heard that before.

Incarnation of 2016: I suppose you could try to stop me now. But to what end?
Incarnation of 2016: The events are already set in motion. Time is rewriting itself as we speak.
Incarnation of 2016: Even if you defeat me, Lore will still cease to exist when the clock strikes midnight.

«The Hero raises their weapon»

Hero: I guess I'll have to hurry this up, then!

«Scene fades»

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