The Amulet of Order


«Scene: Malgor, Gar and Xing in a Throne Room»

Malgor: Drakath has the Chaos Amulet now.
Malgor: This should be conceming to us all.

Xing: But why? Didn't you want to give it to him in the first place?

Malgor: Well… yes. But only on the condition that he fight by my side.
Malgor: As an enemy, now that he has the amulet, he could pose a serious threat.

<Scene: Close up on Gar»

Gar: It's a shame you didn't give it to someone who'd be able to defeat him.

Malgor: Do you think that person is you, Gar? It's not.

«Scene: Gar lowers his head and looks at the ground»

Xing: I have an idea, muffin.

«Scene: Xing sitting on Malgor's lap»

Malgor: Do you.

«Scene: Xing moves her head up and down»

Xing: Mmmhm.
Xing: Think about it, babe. How do you counter the strongest force of Chaos on Lore?

Malgor: I don't KNOW, Xing. That's the problem, isn't it?

Xing: With the strongest force of Order in the Mirror Realm.

Malgor: Ok. You have my attention.

Xing: Though I might.
Xing: The Drakath in the Mirror Realm isn't going to help us. He's a GOOD guy. But if we take his Amulet of Order…

Malgor: We can use it to neutralize Drakath and his powers.

Xing: Exactly.

Malgor: But how do we GET there?

Xing: I know how to open a portal.
Xing: After all, that's where my sister came from… and I was there when Drakath pulled her out.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Hero, Drakath and Xang in the throne room of Crownsreach»

Drakath: So, they're going to the Mirror Realm?

Xang: Yes! That jerk Xing just HAD to taunt me about it.
Xang: She knows I can't go there to stop them… and neither can Drakath.

Hero: Right… you both have counterparts there. You can't both exist in the same realm at the same time.

«Scene: Close up on Hero pointing their hand out»

Hero: But… I could.

«Scene fades»

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