The Amulet is MINE!


«Scene: Close up of Drakath holding the Chaos Amulet and Hero standing behind»

Drakath: At last! The Amulet is mine again!

Hero: I never thought I'd be so glad to hear you say that.

Drakath: Daddy missed you so, so much!

Hero: Let's finish this heartwarming reunion on the ship, ok?
Hero: Without the Amulet holding it together…

«Scene: the Tunnel starts shaking»

Hero: …this place is gonna collapse!

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Hero, Drakath and Xang back on the ship and looking at Laguna who is just waking up»

Laguna: Owww.

Hero: You're gonna be ok! I know I have a healing potion here somewhere…

Laguna: <Hero>… one healing potion isn't going to fix this.
Laguna: Drakath was right. The Amulet… I couldn't handle it.
Laguna: I let it corrupt me. I let Malgor tempt me with its power, and I…
Laguna: …I let it destory me. If you hadn't been here, I could have destroyed everything.
Laguna: Thank you… for saving me from myself.


Xang: She WAS strong. She belonged here. We should return her home. To the sea.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Hero, Drakath and Xang standing on the ship»

Drakath: I keep thinking about what Laguna said. It resonated with me.

Hero: You regret letting the power of Chaos corrupt you?

Drakath: What? No. Don't be absurd.
Drakath: But… there's something I should tell you.
Drakath: <Hero>… I was never really on your side.
Drakath: I only allied with you because Malgor was standing in the way of my rule. My power.

Hero: Yeah, you're not exactly dropping a huge truth bomb on me here.

Drakath: Ugh. You are insufferable, you know that?
Drakath: The point is, I should have been concemed with Malgor himself. With stopping the destruction of Lore.

Hero: So… what, you're a good guy now?

Drakath: Come on, Bad. Good, Evil… what does that matter, anyway?
Drakath: Whatever vision we each have for this world, all of us still want it to exist. What would we have if it didn't?
Drakath: But Malgor doesn't. And that is why Chaos needs to truly join your alliance.

«Scene fades»

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