That's One Hot Beach


«Scene: Cysero, Alina, and the Hero in Yulgar's Inn»

Hero: UGH. Why is it so hot today?

Alina: Was last summer this bad?

Hero: Doesn't seem like it. This has been one GIANT heatwave!

Cysero: This moglinberry juice really isn't helping, either.

Yulgar: Sorry, guys. I just can't get it to stay cool in this heat!

«Cysero shakes his fist»

Cysero: Curse this fantasy world for not having central AC!

Alina: What?

Cysero: Nothing.

Yulgar: Look, if you guys are really that miserable, why don't you go to the beach or something?

Hero: Oh, wow. That's a great idea.

Alina: And a great chance to use that Sun Block Potion recipe I've been working on!

«Screen wipe (right-to-left) transition»

«Scene: a beach infested with fire monsters»

Hero: I'm not actually sure this is going to be any better.

«Scene: Cysero and Alina in swimwear on the beach, and the Hero»

Alina: Why is it like this?!

«Scene: Memet at the juice bar»

Memet: Hi, guys!

Hero: …Oh.

Memet: I'm so glad you're here! It's SO HOT that solar elementals are invading my beach!
Memet: But now I have help! You ARE gonna help, right?

Hero: Maaaaan, do I not feel up to this.
Hero: But yeah. Don't worry, we've got your back.

Cysero: Because we want to swim, too!

«Scene fades»

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