That's Not Quite What I Meant



«Scene: Voltaire, Hero, Drakath and Cemaros standing in Screen 1»
«Scene fades»
«Scene: Close up on Drakath and Cemaros»

Drakath: Yes, yes! This is perfect! I'm feeling inspired already!

Cemaros: Awww, yeah! There's my conquering antihero! I knew you had it in ya!

«Close up on Hero and Voltaire»

Voltaire: I do have one more finishing touch to unveil!
Voltaire: One from my private collection. Something perfectly suited for a master of chaos such as yourself…

«Voltaire reveals a model of Shub'hathrys deity»

//Three exclamation marks appear over the heads of everyone aside from Voltaire»

Drakath: The perfect symbol of my legacy… and my future.
Drakath: I approve.

Voltaire: It's modeled after Shub'hathrys, an ancient deity from the planet Necronus. Said to be one of the very first depictions of her!

«Cemaros touches the Deity model»

Cemaros: It's not just nightmare fuel! It's historic nightmare fuel!

«Drakath puts his hand on the model»

Drakath: Truly a worthy gift! I am honored…

«Deity starts shaking»

Hero: Yep. There it goes.

«Deity model turns into Shub-Hathrys»

Cemaros: Waugh!

«Shub-Hathrys runs away»

Voltaire: How about that! Looks like it wasn't an ancient statue of Shub'hathrys after all!
Voltaire: It was actually Shub'hathrys! Drakath, your chaos energy must have awakened her!

Hero: But I thought you didn't have your chaos powers anymore.

Drakath: Don't be foolish. The powers bestowed upon me by the Queen may be gone, but chaos is in my blood.
Drakath: You could never hope to rid me of it entirely!

Voltaire: I hate to interrupt, buuuuuuuut Shub'hathrys is doing a lot of damage to your castle.

«Villagers attacking the Shub'hathrys»

Voltaire: Do we maybe want to do something about that? I'd hate for all this effort to go to waste.

«Scene fades»

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