Thanks, See Ya


«Hero in battle with Prime Dominus, Hero defeats Prime Dominus, then takes the Star Core to Final without his weapon»

Hero: I got the Star Core!

Final: Well done. Many lives will be saved thanks to you.

Hero: You know, for a cold-blooded assassin, you're really not that bad a guy.

Final: You know rumors… they say YOU breathe fire and have wings.

Hero: Hah! Yeah, right. Anyways… let's go. Er… wait. Did you see my -

Final: Your weapon? It's over THERE!

«Final attacks Hero, takes the Star Core and teleports out»

Hero: Wait! Wha - Did he just - He LEFT ME! I KNEW I shouldn't have trusted him!
Hero: Hunh. Ok. So I'm trapped in the middle of nowhere. No way to get back.
Hero: Time to be… A HERO!

«Prime teleports in»

Prime: Even heroes need help sometimes. And even heroes cannot always see clearly.
Prime: Especially when the Queen of Monsters is involved. Final was her pawn.
Prime: But I will help you return to your land… as long as you return the Star Core to me.
Prime: Its power is too great for any but the Starsinc to hold.

Hero: A favor for a favor. That sounds just fine to me right now.

«Scene fades»

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