Terrmis (NPC)

Legion DoomKnight Hero
Hmm. I suppose you might be a worthy opponent. We shall see.

Before my days as a hero, I was simply a youngster who got into brawls and - the majority of the time - was beaten down to the floor with some bruises and a black eye. I could not let THAT continue, so I decided to stufy the dark magics used by Nulgath the Archfiend. I researched the reagents he used to make weapons and armors for his army, and learnt the habits of the Undead Legion, but never joined their ranks.

I was at Swordhaven during the time of Drakath's attack against King Alteon. I lost FOUR YEARS of research, and was struck in the head. My family assumed I had slain in the attack.
After a year, I made my way back to them, completely fine… except for my memories.

I'd forgotten everything I'd learned about dark magic. But two years after the attack, I was recruited by Bonjourman to fight against Drakath. I began my journey as a warrior and pledged to fight Empress Gravelyn. I also joined them as a Legion Doomknight. As a Legion Titan, I have pledged loyalty to Dage the Evil. I serve, and my victory lends glory to the darkness.

Location: Hero Lobby


Thanks to Amduscia.

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