StoneCrusher Trainer
Welcome, Adventurer! I am Terran, a StoneCrusher hailing from BRightOak Grove, home of the StoneCrusher. Our true power comes surrounded by allies but even alone, your enemies will never break your rocky shell! Are you interested in becoming one of us?

What is a StoneCrusher?
Infuse the natural magic of the Shaman class with the power of Mother Earth herself, apply the tried and tested support aspects of a Bard, and you have the ultimate class passed down through BrightOak Grove—StoneCrusher. You’ll often find yourself heavily supporting the party, but anyone that thinks this class can’t pack a punch will find themselves between a rock and a hard place.

How to get?
To become a StoneCrusher, you’ll need to be Rank 10 BrightOak Grove and purchase it inside the StoneCrusher Merge Shop at /Gaiazor or you may purchase it inside the Class Shop for Adventure Coins.

- Gaiazor
- Class Shop

How to use?
Recommended Enhancement: Healer, Wizard
Stonecrushers are powerful shamanic casters of nature, with incredibly powerful support abilities. They can greatly increase the combat abilities of their allies, including raising their defense, recovering their health, increasing their critical damage, and dealing very good damage of their own.

Location: Class Hall C


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