Darkblood of the Legion
Welcome, Hero! Our master, Dage the Evil, is the Leader of the Undead Legion. IF you think you have what it takes to join us, press the "Recruit" button to get a list of the steps to follow.

Travel to the Underworld (/join Underworld)
Locate Dage the Evil
Show your dedication by buying the Undead Warrior armor.
Speak to Dage again
- Click the "Quests" button
- Then the "Legion Quests" button
- Complete the Undead Champion Initiation

If successful, you will be able to complete the remaining quests.
After you compete "Fail to the King" quest, you can buy the Undead Champion armor from Dage's Legion Shop.
As an Undead Champion, you can now go on INSANE Champion Quests to prove your worth.

Start earning Legion Tokens with every successful quest complete
Use Legion Tokens to buy exclusive rewards only available to members of the Undead Legion!

Location: ShadowBlast Arena
Note: Also see Legion DarkBlood Eviscerater.


Thanks to Amduscia.

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