Shop Template

Location: Location name - Town Name (if applicable)
Note: (if applicable)

Name Rank/Requirements (if applicable) Price
misc.png *Misc Item* *Rank* *Price*
Sword_Table.png *Sword* *Rank* *Price*
Axe_Table.png *Axe* *Rank* *Price*
Dagger_Table.png *Dagger* *Rank* *Price*
Gun_Table.png *Bow/Gun* *Rank* *Price*
Mace_Table.png *Mace* *Rank* *Price*
Polearm_Table.png *Polearm* *Rank* *Price*
Staff_Table.png *Staff* *Rank* *Price*
Wand_Table.png *Wand* *Rank* *Price*
class_table.png *Class* *Rank* *Price*
Armor_Table.png *Armor* *Rank* *Price*
Helmet_table.png *Helm* *Rank* *Price*
Cloak_Table.png *Cape/Back Item* *Rank* *Price*
Pet_Table.png *Pet* *Rank* *Price*
house_table.png *House/House Item* *Rank* *Price*

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