Tempest (NPC)

X-Treme Hero Team
Well met Hero, I am Tempest, and this is my marvelous associate, 8-Bit. We've come to recruit you into the X-Treme Hero team… but first, we're going to have to get you powered up. I've been finding strange items recently, and I know if you collect enough of them, you will be able to mutate by creating an omni version to unlock new, powerful gear! What do you say… do you feel like becoming more than you already are? Are you: an X-TREME Mutant?!

How do I Mutate?
It can be hard work to become an X-Treme Hero, unless you're just born that way. But since so many of us aren't, we just asked Lim to engineer a way to MAKE you X-Treme!

On May 14th: Get your Black Galactic Shard or Red Hyperspace Crystal or Gamma Gem
On May 16th: Get your Gold Galactic Shard or Sapphire Hyper Crystal or X-Ray Gem
On May 19th: Get your Silver Galactic Shard or Cats-Eye Hyper Crystal or Ultraviolet Gem
On May 21st: Purple Galactic Shard or Emerald Hyper Crystal or Infrared Gem and merge them together to create an Omni Shard, Crystal, or Gem! That will unlock your shop!

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- X-Treme Merge
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- Galactic Gear
- Hyper Gear legendsmall.png
- Blackhole Gear

Location: Battleon

  • This NPC is a parody of the character Storm from The X-Men.
  • The NPC beside Tempest is a parody of the character Red Skull from the Marvel Comics.
  • Also see Tempest (Armor).

Thanks to Apus.

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