Teleporting Town


«Scene: Battleon floating over a forest.»

«Screen counts down from 3 to 1.»

«Battleon teleports.»

«One meteorite crashes into the forest.»

«Screen fades.»

«Scene: Greenguard forest»

«Scene moves to Warlic's Magic Shoppe»

Hero: Amazing!

Twilly: Yay!

Artix: Incredible!

Warlic: Good work everyone! We did it!

Nythera: Wow…

Artix: Hero,thank you so much for your help!

Hero: I can't believe what I saw! We did it, we actually did it!

Twilly: Thousands of mages working together to uproot BattleOn! And now we're safe in Greenguard Forest!

«Screen moves to Greenguard Forest.>
«Screen goes black and feathers fall down.»

Did you guys feel something?

«Screen fades into Warlic's Magic Shoppe.»

Twilly: Yes! It felt like an earthquake!

«Cysero leans in.»

Cysero: GUYS! GUYS! A meteorite just hit my pillow in Greenguard Forest!

Everyone: ?

Hero: WAIT! If the second one struck Greenguard Forest then…

Everyone Else: … then WHERE are WE at!?

«Screen fades»

«Scene: BattleOn teetering on top of a mountain to the right of ShadowFall.»

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