Mech Maker Golem, Gear Vendor
Hi, Hero! I know you are, but you might not know who I am. I'm modeled after a savvy mechanic on a planer full mechs, robots and aliens. Sounds like a fun place to visit! But not for me, I'm here to sell you things, just like the real Tek would. I've got gear to sell and no place else to be, so why not take a look at my shop?

What? Oh, yeah. I know I'm a golem. But the mage who created us implanted a few memories of who we are supposed to be. I remember them as if I was there, so I figure those memories are me and I am them. Dwelling on how that's not me would be pretty depressing, don't you think? I didn't miss my non-home… much.

- Tek's Quests
- Tek's Gearz
- Cannon Repair (Must have Valoth's Broken Cannon in your inventory)

During the 'Time to Learn the Truth' quest:

Mech Maker Golem, Gear Vendor
The world I come from is made up of many, many weapons - BIG AND HEAVILY-ARMED MECHA! Tons of lasers, missile, cannons, machine gun… stop me if this sounds familiar. We need all this, because - the last thing the woman I am modeled after knows - a giant, unidentified warship-sized object is hurtling towards the planet!

- Cannon Repair (Must have Valoth's Broken Cannon in your inventory)


Note: Was originally introduced as the NPC Tek in MechQuest.


Thanks to Malak93, Shal and Tendou no Mazo.

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