«Scene: Hero and Loremaster Anka in Deep Forest»

Loremaster Anka: Would you look at this? It was right under our noses all along.
Loremaster Anka: But we never would have found it without those monsters leading the way.

Hero: We've found it… but what do we do now? How do we close it?

Loremaster Anka: <Hero>… is that really what you want?
Loremaster Anka: We're already here. We only have to go inside for a moment… just long enough to find the Queen's artifact.

???: She's doing it! She's going in.
???: Such a naughty Loremaster.
???: We like that.
???: But you-know-who won't!
???: Tee-hee!

Loremaster Anka: Those voices again!
Loremaster Anka: Who are you? Show yourselves!

???: No… not just yet.
???: We'll show you something way more fun instead

«Scene fades»

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